Recently, we learned that Rainbow Six Siege is getting another full year of DLC. Now that there is bullet destruction variation based on the caliber of the weapon in Siege, Tachanka’s turret will be turning walls into confetti. One can only imagine what the Kolibri’s bullets will do to walls in Siege when the year 2 DLC drops.

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Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 DLC confirmed by Ubisoft

There’s a lot of hopes and speculations for what to expect in Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 DLC. We’re worried that Ash could become useless because of Hibana since she as one more Breach charger in her weapon inventory and can also destroy reinforced walls. Or maybe Ash should gain one more to have three shots in her weapon and Hibana still has only two on her?

A lot of players don’t really like Hibana already. Part of the reason you put up reinforced walls was so that you couldn’t be shot through them and they couldn’t be breached through. Having Thermite made sense but having someone who can open up three different reinforced walls, and at range, just seems OP if Thermite is there as well. Just imagine defending Packaging room on Favela with Thermite, Thatcher and Hibana, it would be a certain loss.

They should make new game modes, maybe a 10v10? That would take some time to implement since they would need to make some new maps, because a 10v10 on house seems like a giant mess. It would take a while to make those maps, and how many people would play this mode after a month or two of it releasing?

Ubisoft have so much things they can incorporate, and more characters means more diversity plus more characters to set up compositions. They know this game is huge, so why would they have a season pass of free maps and characters to earn, and then just cut it off? That’s just really bad marketing, so we think the Season Pass will be retained for the Year 2 DLC.


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