Rainbow Six Siege most up to date fix will be discharged tomorrow for the group based shooting game dated February 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can check underneath the fix notes discharged by Ubisoft. Fix 2.1.1 fixes parcels and loads of issues. This is including a wacky-sounding one where players would generate with the perspective of a far off camera. The fix additionally settles an issue where, in a few conditions, it was difficult to hunch and shuffle simultaneously.

rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.1.1 Patch Notes Revealed

Players sometimes spawn with the point of view of a distant camera. This has been fixed. The player sometimes spawns as an immobile drone, which carries over to the action phase. This has been fixed. Black Mirror can be activated from the front. This has been fixed. When Mira’s OWM is placed on a reinforced wall, defenders can melee X-KAIROS pellets, exothermic charge or any other gadgets on the other side of the glass. This has been fixed.

Fixed – Teammates killing themselves on Exothermic Charges, X-KAIROS charges, and claymores registered as a team kill.
Also Fixed – Operators’ skin textures in headgear pictures and character model preview are low-resolution.
Fixed – Diamond weapon skin can only be applied to Mira and Jackal.
Fixed – Diamond weapon skin unavailable in Shop.

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Check out the rest of the fix notes at Ubisoft forums.


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