We finally get to see Hibana and her special ability in action! We now have some idea what her gameplay will entail. But will she be a game changer? We’re afraid Mute and Bandit will be useless now and she will be overpowered. When defending the garage on House how can you even defend it if she can just blow open holes. We’re definitely curious how she’ll work and just hope it’s not overpowered in the new Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow DLC Season 4.

rainbow six siege red crow dlc season 4

Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow DLC Season 4 introduces new Operator Hibana

Hibana fires a ninja star like gadget through a gas system in the rifle that cuts through reinforced walls in a circular motion. In all seriousness, Hibana is going to create problems with small rooms with no cover like in bank for example. If you are defending the CEO’s office and hibana makes a hole that can see behind the desk the defensive team is done. Especially if she’s paired with Blackbeard.

Honestly, we think with the way the grouping hits the wall it feels like it’s going to make a buck skeleton key or sledge size hole in the wall. And you will only really be able to vault through it not walk through like a thermite hole. We just don’t see it only making six smaller holes, because that’s too weak and wouldn’t help out a whole lot. Our idea is that she will only have one shot available from her gadget. If she can shoot 6 of those then it will be a massive game changer and the reinforced walls are useless. Her gadget should only get one use so the person using her needs to be precise on how to use her.

Maybe Jäger’s ADS system could stop Hibana’s projectiles midair like it does to grenades. After all, Jäger’s operator video shows his ADS stopping an Artillery/Anti-Tank projectile midair, so this would be no different!. Anyways let us know your thoughts about the new Operator Hibana in Rainbow Six Siege Red Crow DLC Season 4.


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