Few modern shooters can match the heart-pounding exhilaration with an immense strategic depth and an asymmetric PvP. With no health regeneration and respawn and only five players per team, every life suddenly feels meaningful and precious. While shooters that advertise twitch shooting over tactics can grow tiresome, seizing endless means of viable strategies as a way to survive makes every round memorable. It organically begets the kind of brilliant unpredictable moments you can’t wait to tell your friends about. Now you can have the same amount of fun with friends and complete strangers. Rainbow Six Siege arrives on PS4 Pro with brilliantly upscaled graphics and 4K.

rainbow six siege
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Rainbow Six Siege will have 4K support on launch day and will include a season pass as well

Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t on the official list of PS4 Pro games. But we expect the list to grow and include other games as well. This could definitely mean the inclusion of popular multiplayer games like Rainbow Six Siege. The game will most likely have 4K support on launch day one. It will feature a season pass as well for players on the PS4 Pro.

There is a campaign-sized hole where the single-player should be. But Rainbow Six Siege manages to compensate by adding robust training missions called Situations. There’s also a thrilling cooperative mode. It’s competitive multiplayer is infinitely replayable thanks in part to its mixed mode servers, abundant map variations and a diverse roster of unlockable operators.

Because of the team’s online team-based focus, your experience might not be worth it, especially when there will be very few experienced players available on PS4 Pro. However, we expect the player base to get more experienced on the PS4 Pro as time passes (like it did on this gen consoles and PC).

We’ll keep you updated with more Rainbow Six Siege news and updates.


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