Can’t wait to get your hands on Quantum Break? Microsoft has enabled pre-loading for Quantum Break if you own the game on the Xbox One. This is a bit odd, considering the game is coming out all the way over in April, so you can essentially have the game sit around on your drive for a month and a half before release. Perhaps Microsoft is accounting for people with really slow internet connections?

Quantum Break

According to NeoGAF member Theorry’s post, the pre-load is 44.09 GB in size in all, which is fairly hefty. This falls a little short of the 55 GB minimum requirement for playing the game on a PC. This also comes rather hot on the heels of the game’s going gold merely yesterday.

Keep in mind that the game supports cross-buy, meaning that if you have pre-ordered the game on Xbox One, you will get a copy of it for Windows Store (on the PC), along with an Xbox One backwards compatible copy of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

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Quantum Break launches on 5 April, 2016 for both the Xbox One and PC (exclusively via the Windows Store).