Remedy Entertainment has pushed through a new update for Quantum Break on the PC, and this one actually goes on to fix a lot of the problems faced by players. One egregious problem, the lack of an actual, proper ‘Quit’ button has been addressed: the game will now feature a Quit button on the main menu. There are also new graphics options for the game, including the option to disable Film Grain and the games “reconstruction” tech (aka Upscaling).


The “Upscaling” technology used in the game essentially rendered the game at a lower resolution than the one selected in graphics options, and then ‘upscaled’ to that resolution, resulting in a blurry picture. This can now be turned off, and the results are kind of breathtaking.

Another addition to the game is the option to switch from full-screen mode to windowed by pressing Alt+Enter, and reports say that the game’s G-Sync problems have also been fixed. Apart from these additions, there are a number of fixes integrated into the update: including keyboard input issues, frame timing not matching the refresh rate, pathing issues, aspect ratio and full screen scaling for non-16:9 resolutions, and more. Check out the full changelog below, and let us know what you think in the comments.



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