Quantico has been uplifting its standards day by day and the complexity it offers in its story makes the audience crib for another dose of the episode more and more. Since its season 2 launch, Quantico has diversified its story line and have intermixed FBI and CIA along with terrorists (of course) this time. The theory of relationships and friendship has also changed this time in Quantico, in short, it has gone more serious and dense. But that’s a good treat of epic fiction for the fans. We cannot thank more to the Quantico team for that.


The sophomore drama that follows a religion of coming alive on every television set at Sundays’ 10 pm has now shifted its route to Monday. This tradition will be followed by January onwards, considering it as a new year gift for the fans, Quantico beats the weekend region and jumps right into the office days of the week.  The show will replace Conviction as per reports as the latter has run its course of fame and will end its journey of 13 episodes. However, there is no official statement by any ABC representative nor the Quantico team about this, but reports are going strong online.

Priyanka Chopra has remained as the strongest and popular face of Quantico. She has wonderfully adopted the American culture and has printed it with grace in her attitude on the show. The show is always promoted by the main cast of the show, but primarily by Priyanka Chopra herself. She has promoted the show both in India (her home country) and abroad. Well, we can say whatever slot, Quantico picks, it keeps entertaining its fans in the future. Stay tuned with us for more updates.  


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