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Quantico Season 2, since the revival of its story line, has attracted a million views. The second season, in the beginning, had drowned significantly in the ratings as its ongoing storyline of terrorism and hostages became too monotonous. Since then the makers of the show brought a supermodel in its cast and modified the series in a reality based format by following the Donald Trump administration arc. With its interception, luckily the show survived and the ratings increased enormously.

Motivated and driven by the hit in ratings, the makers of the show are now planning to bring Caleb Haas aka Graham Rogers back in the show. This means that Priyanka Chopra’s team is now in more greater trouble than before as according to the previous spoilers Haas would be wanting to have the team under his direction and supervision further creating more troubles for Alex.

In the latest promo of Quantico 2 Episode 18, it is shown that Caleb returns and is more in an icky mood which directly implements trouble. As Claire Haas is having a discussion with her son, Clay, Graham enters and intrudes.  The participation of Graham Rogers is only as a guest star role but Quantico showrunner, Joshua Safran in an interview had confirmed that he will be there for a longer time even as a guest star. Well, this is a good news for all Caleb Haas fans and we can’t wait to see the upcoming episode of Quantico. The 18th episode airs on Monday, April 17, 2017, on ABC. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Keep up!


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