FBI and CIA crossovers, showstopper Priyanka Chopra having a gun in hand and wearing an incredible attitude on a sleeve, pigments of phenomenal twists and incredible cast backing up the story of Quantico with full grace, that’s all that the show is all about. After being promoted into the second season this year, Quantico has achieved more than its previous installment, more fans, more applause, more sincerity of ratings and above all a somewhat permanent place in the industry.


So what’s going on lately in Quantico, the midseason finale is near and the spoilers have a lot to tell. Since the last episodes which follow a future and a flashback scenario, shows Alex and Ryan in a happy-happy place in the flashbacks but they are fractured in the future which makes the fans wonder what is going wrong with them. Ryan, since he has aided a man’s killing, feels down and consequently ends up thinking that Alex is the only right thing left in his life. Which is wrong and right in several ways.

Speaking about Alex behavior, she has come out to be more strong and confident which rolls to one conclusion in her head, that she knows what she is doing. But lately, she would be shown more reckless to take up a decision against, the AIC, maybe because she has a direct connection with Owen now. On the other hand, Harry will now be seen going to London after what has happened in Brexit lately. So Brexit was long awaited as the show makers wanted to have a UK twist in the series. It will be shown in future what pieces join together to explain Brexit. So pretty much a lot to watch. Complications shown fantastically in form of script, that’s what Quantico is all about.


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