Qualcomm has announced the arrival of Quick Charge 4+, the brand new version of its Quick Charge 4 technology that promises to deliver a much faster, more efficient, and cooler charging.

quick charge 4 plus qualcomm

Qualcomm first introduced Quick Charge 4 technology with the launch of its new flagship Snapdragon 835 SoC. However, the Quick Charge 4+ brings along with it significant improvements.

The chipmaker says that the new update brings performance enhancements on three fronts and are called Dual Charge, Intelligent Thermal Balancing, and Advanced Safety Features. Of course, it also includes all the features in Quick Charge 4.

The Intelligent Thermal Balancing technology further boosts the Dual Charge feature and is optimized to automatically transfer current through the coolest pathway available. Meanwhile, the Advanced Safety Features include several built-in safety protocols that look after both the connector and case temperature levels simultaneously to mitigate the risks of short-circuit or overheating.

Qualcom Quick Charge 4 Plus features

As per the results from the internal tests conducted on 2750mAh battery, Quick Charge 4+ is up to 3-degree-Celsius cooler compared to Quick Charge 4, while simultaneously ensuring 15% more speed and 30% higher efficiency.

Note that this is a hardware upgrade, which essentially means that device manufacturers will require making some changes before they are able to get the QC 4+ logo on their devices. As of today, the only device that offers compatibility with Quick Charge 4+ is the recently introduced ZTE Nubia Z17 5.5-inch smartphone powered by Snapdragon 835 SoC and featuring 8GB RAM, 3200 mAh battery, and QC 4+ logo.


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