Makers of Shoot Many Robots and Marvel Puzzle Quest are back with a brand new Mobile game, Puzzle & Glory that was created through the cooperation of Demiurge and Sega.

The game features an exciting turn-based puzzle combat where gems are moved to achieve glory. Players in Puzzle & Glory can create their specialized team of heroes and battle fierce opponents. Guilds are present in too, which also enable cooperative play. Puzzle & Glory has plenty of dungeons and quests to complete and of course puzzles to solve.Puzzle & Glory

The game is more or less fantasy themed, with PvP (Player versus Player) elements to further enhance competitive gameplay. Puzzle & Glory provides players with the ability to choose unique paths and adventures that will be different for each participant. New heroes appear on a weekly basis and story receives a high focus in the game.

The graphics are somewhat simple, but well-polished and suit the games environment relatively well. Expect to engage in a game that shows great potential and is noticeably done with much effort.

[youtube & Glory is currently at 4.2 stars on Google Play with over 800 rates and plenty of downloads. Be warned however, that even though the game is free-to-play, there are in-app micro transactions present to enhance player experience, and open new content.

If you like turn-based combat, puzzles and generally fantasy environments, then Puzzle & Glory is definitely worth a try.


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