Ok, bad news, first off the PSVR games are hard for a lot of people. It’s because when you spin out the background goes crazy while you’re still facing the same direction. And because the game is so immersive your brain gets so into it that it wants your body to move with the image. And it can’t. So you get a little sick, same goes for Oculus VR. It’s because the background can move so much, but you’re staying still.


Here’s how to circumvent PSVR motion sickness

Good news, it will go away. It happened to many when they first started playing as well. You’re mind is still having trouble figuring out what the hell is going on. Luckily it really won’t take long. But if you get a little dizzy or sick, don’t “power through it”. You don’t want to create negative mental associations. Take a break, play a 2D game for a little, and then when you’re feeling ok, get back to it. After a little, you’ll be fine, and putting on the headset won’t be so strange to your brain.

Put in around 20 minutes per day and the motion sickness will go away. It will take just over a week for you to get through it. And then you can stay in PSVR for as long as you want. For Rigs, we would suggest getting through the training, turning head-turn on and play with the comfort settings in the test arena. Until you find what works for you. For DriveClub, use the Cruise mode. And take it easy around a track for a few laps. Another tip: place a desk fan on the floor in front of you. Pointing up. It will prevent fogging and keep you cool.

Source: iDigitalTimes


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