The PSVR Sales forecast is down from 2.6 million to 750.000 million. Which is insane. This does not impact the PSVR review or the PlayStation VR review, but it’s interesting to note. Oculus Rift Sales are still worse though, same goes for HTC Vive sales. Oculus Rift vs PlayStation VR, what about the PSVR future?


PSVR sales forecast is down significantly

In the company’s December report into virtual reality headsets, Canalys estimate that the HTC Vive will sell half a million units by the end of 2016. With the Oculus Rift sitting slightly behind at 400,000. According to the company, HTC’s $100 Black Friday discount on their headset’s $799 retail price will have contributed to a strong back-end performance.

VR won’t take off until 5 years. We think VR games cost just as much to make because they are super short or simplistic unlike non-VR games. It’s more that the analytics firm thought they would sell 2.6 million. But then they cut it by almost 2 million units. Which is pretty significant. The games right now are pretty lackluster. It’s the technology that is amazing, but the games are not must plays as of now.

One should really keep an eye open for possibilities. The technology is incredible and will make you a believer. Now we just need a good lineup of games. Looking at technological advancement, we always think that it will not do well or change our life while in the end we were wrong. There are a lot of big companies pushing VR, which could be an indication.


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