We’re certainly impressed with PSVR overall. It managed to exceed expectations paired with a standard PS4. It also managed to come out with the lightest and most comfortable design. With the least need for adjustment (especially when being passed around) out of the headsets. The social aspect through the social screen in some games is also a great idea with good potential. We’ve also found the games available on it (or upcoming) to be the most interesting. However, PSVR failed to capture the public imagination like we had hoped.


PSVR wasn’t the game changer we expected

Our view of VR is that it’s an interesting alternative way to play games. Not a replacement regardless if we’re talking about now or the future. The VR market exactly behaved this year like we’ve expected it to be. There are a lot of reason why this is the case. One thing is the comfort level. The second is resolution and the third that most Triple-A games are not really convertible to VR like people would expect it.

A lot of people who never played anything in VR want something like GTA V to became a PSVR game. The problem is, without any changes in camera movement to the normal game, only very few people would be able to play it. The reason most VR games use teleportation instead of direct camera movement is just to prevent motion sickness.

VR is impressive to those who don’t really play games. We don’t see that as being a good sign for the long term. It was the same situation with the Wii (only VR is far more convoluted, expensive and less profitable). The people it impressed the most stopped caring about it soon after they purchased it. Because they aren’t the core consumers that make up the majority of the market. Currently, it is just another expensive fad that is likely to die out and sour everyone’s opinion. Turning “virtual reality” into a term companies will want to avoid.

Source: Powerupgaming


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