We want to address a concern a lot of people are having and that is connection issues. Trying to connect to PSN for online multiplayer or buying stuff from the PlayStation Store is not possible for many players. This issue is not widespread and only a few people seem to be affected by it. But it’s still affecting a good amount of people.

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PSN is down right now but it will go live soon

“As the data indicates, PSN users witnessed major problems on 20 days (out of 319 days makes for one major problem every 16 days),” Tom Sanders told PlayStation Universe in an exclusive interview.

Xbox Live users during the same period experience major problems on 19 days, or once every 16.8 days.”

A lot of people are facing issues and they are reporting error codes that they get. Many players are getting kicked off mid-game. Obviously, it’s really frustrating and a lot of people can’t figure out the main reason. However, some data mining by Reddit user ton2010 reveals some interesting stuff.

“I run the bot that auto-posts firmware update details and updates the sidebar with the current PSN status as reported by Sony’s site. I keep logs of the bot’s activities and wanted to do something special with a full year’s worth of PSN Status data, but life/work kept getting in the way.

As you can see below, it’s now at 15 months and I didn’t want to sit on it any longer…so I decided to instead just dump the raw data here. Maybe a brave soul can make something meaningful”

The raw data shows frequent fluctuations between online, intermittent and maintenance. What it shows is that the PlayStation Network has suffered issues, where users weren’t able to access some services, over 70 times since July 2015.

The response from PlayStation’s twitter account is the same as it always is whenever this issue happens. But you can hang around Twitter to see whether there’s a response from Sony regarding when the problem gets fixed.

We’ll keep you updated when we got solid information regarding PSN Live from Sony.