This week PS4 Weekly News includes PlayStation Plus 2017 games lineup, The new Last of Us 2 Update and the Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC named as Narco Road.

PlayStation Plus May 2017 Games Lineup

The PlayStation Plus May 2017 games lineup is going to be fully revealed this week on 27th of April. The last week saw some of the rumors and predictions for the upcoming games.

  • Drawn to Death (PS4)
  • Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime (PS4)
  • Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom (PS3)
  • Alien Rage: Extended Edition (PS3)
  • 10 Second Ninja (PS Vita – Cross Buy with PS4)
  • Curses ‘n Chaos (Ps Vita – Cross Buy with PS4)

The monthly PS Plus games lineup usually includes six games in total for PS3, PS4, and Ps Vita. Most of the games are added with the Cross-Buy feature that allows any particular game to run on multiple platforms.

The PlayStation Plus May 2017 games lineup is expected to be announced on Wednesday, April 27th, 2017. However, Sony hasn’t yet revealed any official release date and could change the dates as well. One possible reason for the May 2017 games lineup delay could be the release of Activision’s Call of Duty announcement and the Livestream.

There isn’t any credible news or leak that suggests about what titles are possibly going to be part of the May 2017 games lineup. However, some rumors and predictions are circling around the web. According to the latest rumors, leaks, and predictions, the games could include titles such as The Escapist, Rayman Legends, Neon Chrome, Hue, and Resident Evil Zero HD.

The new PS Plus May 2017 games will be officially launching on May 2, 2017. It’ll also be the time when Sony will refresh their PlayStation store.

The last week also brought in the news of remaining PlayStation Plus April 2017 games lineup. Fans have still some time left to grab their favorite games. The following titles are available for download via the PlayStation Plus.

The Last of Us 2 Update

Last week the upcoming Last of Us 2 saw a wonderful update as the Naughty Dog confirmed that the Westworld Actress have joined the game’s voice cast.

the last of us 2

Shanon Woodward plays the role of Elsie in Westworld, announced last week on twitter that

“I am embarrassingly over-excited here because I’m peaking. @Neil_Druckmann is letting me act in The Last Of Us: Part II .”

The tweet accompanied an image of Shanon with Neil Druckmann, while she was wearing a motion capture suit for the filming of the game.

After this particular news, some more images appeared on twitter. The images were all posted by Druckmann himself. The images further revealed some more of the cast and production.

The latest images were also posted by Neil Druckmann. Druckmann posted images of both Ashley Johnson and Tory Baker on the set. Ashley and Tory are going to play the roles of Joel and Ellie in the game. Both of these characters are the main protagonists of the game.

In another round of reveals, Druckmann was seen with the game’s co-writer Halley Gross. Gross is also the writer of Westworld TV series.

For The Last of Us 2, it was also revealed last week that the game will be featuring the return of the Horseback fighting sequences. These will, later on, be expanded in the sequel.

Some other images and gifs were also revealed of the game’s cast and crew last week. According to the latest developments, Woodward’s character in the game is yet to be fully revealed. The Last of Us 2 release dates and further details are expected to come out on this year’s mega event E3 Gaming Expo.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Narcos Road DLC

Another one of the major developments of the last week was the launch of Ghost Recon Wildlands Narcos DLC. According to the fans, this new DLC lack one crucial feature that the fans were waiting for a very long time.

The Narcos DLC includes tons of new content but it lacks the much-awaited PvP mode. In March, a new mode was announced for the game, but no release date has been revealed. Furthermore, no information about the features and game mode has been released.

According to Ubisoft’s CEO-

“I understand the excitement for PvP to come and some of the frustration as well.

“Though, we don’t have any official dates or details to share quite yet. These items will be coming. Apologies.”

Ubisoft also announced last week that the new PvP mode will be included in a free update for the Ghost Recon Wildlands. It will offer Tactical Class-based 4v4 team combats and will put players’ skills to the test.

Ubisoft still hasn’t revealed when the much-awaited PvP mode will become part of the game. As rumors suggest, another update is currently in works. Hopefully, it’ll bring the PvP mode to the game.


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