February was another good month for Sony and the PS4. The console ended on the first place in sales during the month, beating Microsoft’s Xbox One.


There are a couple of reasons for the strong February sales. Sony offered a price drop for some cool bundles, like the Uncharted 4 and CoD: Advanced Warfare bundles, which were on a promotional sale. Both bundles could have been bought for just $250, which was a pretty good deal.

Another reason for strong sales was a recent release of two AAA PS4 exclusives, Nioh and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Both games were praised by reviewers and the fact that you can’t find them on any other gaming system had pushed the sales further.

No specific figures were published so we can’t know the exact sales difference between the PS4 and the Xbox One, but Sony’s console was a clear winner, according to Game Rant. While February was quite good for Sony, it will be pretty interesting to see will the PS4 stay in the first place in March since Nintendo released the Switch, with the console becoming the strongest selling Nintendo system in years.

If the strong sales of the Nintendo Switch continue, we may see a new console on the number one spot in April.


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