A couple days back reports developed about the implied new components of the PS4 update. These would have been a part of PS4 framework upgrade rendition 4.50. Sony is presently trying out these new elements, and it is right now in its beta program. While numerous who are a part of the program have commended the arranged new elements, there are a some who have brought up evident defects.

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PS4 Update Version 4.50 Beta Has Severe Issues That Need To Be Addressed

Just as of late Just Push Start had revealed that they were restricted to the utilization of one external HDD. This sounded terrible when contrasted with the ability to add more than one in the Xbox One.

There is one specific irritating issue with the new HDD bolster. As per beta clients for external HDD bolster, you have to securely evacuate HDD before you go into rest mode. When you turn the console back on, however, there is a message saying that the PS4 was not shut down appropriately. In addition, it says that the drive may be repaired. This can harm the information inside and can put your spare games and other stuff at hazard.

This is exceptionally irritating as you need to make sure to detach the drive securely every time you prepare to rest and do something else. We know it sounds like a minor issue yet we would prefer not to risk losing the greater part of the games introduced on the drive. Nor would we like to sit through an extensive repair process each time we walk out on it.

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