What number of you have battled with the issue where your PlayStation 4 just haphazardly spits the disk out? Well, you are not the only one. In the event that you don’t trust us simply Google it. And you will see exactly what number of individuals are experiencing the same issue. We have attempted a large portion of the fixes to cure this risky cerebral pain with practically no achievement. Indeed, we have found the genuine solution for this early Playstation configuration imperfection.

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PS4 Tips & Tricks – How To Fix The Playstation 4 Auto Eject Disc Problem

Step 1: Use the X-Acto blade to evacuate the 3 stickers. These are the ones covering the screws on the base board of your Playstation 4. These are situated on the back of the framework masked in the fumes vents. You simply need to get under the edge of the sticker. So you can peel them off. It would be ideal if you be extremely cautious not to cut yourself with the X-Acto cut.

Step 2: Use the T8 Torx bit or driver to evacuate the three screws. These hold the baseboard on the Playstation 4. These are short and not in there tight. So it ought not to require much push to expel them.

Step 3: Remove the baseboard by lifting the finish of the board. This is where the screws are found. The front works like a hinge with the wedge shape. When you have this off you can doubtlessly observe the guilty party of every one of your migraines. The issue is with the center elastic foot putting weight on the discharge lever. The way this works is that the metal tab on the lever reaches a metal plate on the discharge board. In principle, this outline is an awesome idea since you won’t have a mechanical change to destroy. In any case, it’s clearly defective.

Step 4: You have two alternatives here. You can either sever the tab from the discharge lever. Or the choice we emphatically recommend is to take a little bit of electrical tape. And essentially conceal the metal contact on the launch board. One reason we recommend this is so you can simply evacuate the tape on the off chance that it doesn’t settle the issue.

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