A lot of people think the reason PS4 is winning is because of its exclusives. This is wrong in so many ways. Firstly let’s start with 2013 and the horrendous reveal of the Xbox One. Sony got the first jab in with being the cheaper console. Slightly more powerful, allowing used games, no online only and not forcing their camera down your throat. This gave Sony momentum even when MS started reversing their choices. Pre-orders were in and sales started well. This started the avalanche that hurt MS the most. The kind of “my friends all got a PS4, so I’m getting one” which cascades the further it goes.

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PS4 beat Xbox One because it is simply better

This then combined with the decision to force Kinect. And be more expensive added to the above problem. MS couldn’t dig themselves out of their hole fast enough. More time went on and Sony carried on banking away. By the time Phil Spencer had corrected the ship, Sony had tons of people and advertising in their pocket. MGSV being a perfect example. Remember the Steam box reveal? People genuinely thought MGSV was a PS4 exclusive until that point. Despite it being on last gen consoles and the Xbox One.

And finally, 8 of this year’s biggest selling games are third party games. With Gears Of War 4 and Uncharted 4 being the only exclusives. And last year was the same. Only Halo 5 and Bloodborne made it into the top ten best-selling games of the year. Nearly all exclusives this gen have not been played by 83% of the console owners. Let that sink in. 83% of PS4/Xbone owners do not play exclusives on their platform of choice. Sony won this gen in 2013 with the PS4, period.

Source: Game On Daily


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