PS4 is notorious for only supporting 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz. While it is true that 2.4 GHz is faster and provides more download speed than 5 GHz, having the option to support 5 GHz can be very convenient for many players who like to do online gaming using that Wi-Fi. A 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection will not often make it better unless your router is capable of 802.11AC Wi-Fi. 802.11N 5 GHz Wi-Fi has less range than 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. 2.4 GHz restriction prevents players from getting disconnected from online games due to lag. Take the example of a new smartphone that picks up a 2.5 and 5.0 SSID broadcast. You can see how much more consistent and faster your 2.4 will be past a few feet.

via wccftech
via wccftech

You now have the option to connect 5 GHz Wi-Fi

However, it appears the new Playstation Slim will support 2.4 GHz band and other frequencies as leaked by twitter user shortman82.

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“The frequencies used by the wireless networking feature of this product are the 2.4 GHz/ 5 GHz ranges.” It goes on further “Only use 5 GHz band wireless equipment indoors.” The next picture shows direct screen capture and even though the “Wi-Fi Frequency Band in Use” option is set to 2.4 GHz, players should be happy that at least they will have the option to choose 5 GHz.

There is no official confirmation from Sony yet so we’ll have to wait until the official announcement. The PS4 Slim is a slimmer version of Sony’s flagship console and is expected to be announced on September 7th. For more news related to PS4 and Sony stay tuned to MobiPicker.