In case you’re perusing this, odds are you most likely claim a PS4 at this point. You may have additionally claimed a PS2. It’s practically expected now. As of late, Sony simply posted their best PS4 numbers since discharge. Actually, it was the best quarter in history which dispatched 9.7 million units worldwide amid Q3 2016. This pulverized the record. Sony did not specify what number of this were PS4, Slim, PSVR, or PS4 Pro. Playstation 2 held the past record, shipping 8.78 million amid Q2 2003.

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PS4 Sales Are The Highest Ever and This Could Be A Turning Point For Sony

Sony revealed a 20% expansion in working salary. How can it result in such spectacular numbers? As indicated by Sony, development of the PS4 Slim, lessening in equipment and enhanced software deals are the reason for such a success. It is important, in any case, to note that the PS4 Slim propelled at a lower cost (50$ less to be correct). This means it sold because of a fairly less price.

Another imperative contention to make is Playstation may have won the ‘console wars’ throughout the year-end occasions. Reports reliably indicate they surpassed Xbox One in the U.S. It’s critical to note that sales are uneven in Japan. They are truly steadfast and strong of their own brands. For PS4 to take sales in U.S must mean a staggering misfortune for the Xbox One. In any case, they additionally report an ascent in sales as well. This could mean purchasers are purchasing second consoles.

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