Our PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio analysis will help you decide which console to get. Sony just revealed its beefed up version of the PS4 and it looked, well, lame. Now hold up, before you decide to give a piece of your mind in the comment section. By lame, we don’t mean it’s bad in general but not as good as we expect Microsoft’s Xbox One Scorpio which is yet to be announced. Some specs of the Xbox One Scorpio were leaked via rumors and the console appears to be leagues ahead of the PS4 Pro. And with the unveiling of PS4 Pro, it’ll give Microsoft some time to make even more improvements. Here we give you 5 reasons why PS4 Pro will not be as good as the Xbox One Scorpio.

ps4 pro

Pro? Really, that’s the best name you can come up with?

Honestly, Neo sounded way more cool and we’re disappointed Sony didn’t decide to go with that. Pro sounds, well, lame. Like an Android phone upgrade. Neo sounded so good and now we are unable to use the picture of Keanu Reeves stopping a hail of bullets whenever we decide to write an article on the new PS4 Pro.

ps4 pro vs xbox one scorpio
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PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio – Scorpio is going to be a Behemoth

6 TFLOPS, 320 GB/s and 8-core processor? Sign us up. For the same price, you’re getting double the power. Why would you buy the PS4 Pro, if it doesn’t even remotely come close to the Scorpio with its measly 3.68 TFLOPS.

PS4 Pro is basically the PS4 Slim with few extra features

Basically PS4 Pro in a nutshell. You have a console that is not a huge leap over its predecessor, unlike the Xbox One Scorpio, and only introduces HDR and 4K which we are not even sure whether it’ll perform as well as 4K on PC and Xbox One will.

Xbox One Scorpio looks way better than PS4 Pro

A Neogaf user predicted how the PS4 Neo *ahem* “Pro”, would look like. And he was right. It looks really ugly, like someone just stacked one PS4 over another and slapped the PS4 Pro title over it. The Xbox One Scorpio looks much beautiful and worthy of appreciation.

PS4 Pro doesn’t appear to offer an improvement in terms of VR

Though Sony hasn’t released any details regarding the VR, all we know is that it will support PSVR. However, from experience, we know how bad PSVR is in comparison to the HTC Vive. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Let us know what you think of our PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio comparison.


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