So you’ve upgraded your old PS4 to a shiny new PS4 Pro and obviously you’ll want to make sure all your games, saves and setting carry over to the new machine. The good news is that’s really easy to do.

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How to transfer all your data from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro

It will take quite a while to copy everything over to the PS4 Pro, so that art of this guide obviously requires you to exercise patience. To start the process, simply head over to the settings menu on your Pro and select “Transfer Data from another PS4”. The transfer will take place over your router or ethernet connection. Make sure you connect both consoles and turn them on. Hitting “Next” on your Pro will tell it to start looking for another PS4 connected to the same network.

Once your PS4 Pro finds your PS4, you need to press the power button on your old console to enable the PS4 Pro to identify it. Once it does, it will clarify the account being copied over and tell you to sync your trophy data afterwards. Now you’ll get the option of what to copy, you’d most likely want everything but, in case you don’t, the transfer process gives you the option to copy saved data, captures, themes, settings etc.

Depending on how much stuff you decide to transfer, the time might vary. Once the transfer is complete, you’ll find that everything has been copied over. And that’s it, if you have any questions then let us know in the comments. If you want to take your SSD from your old PS4 and put it in the PS4 Pro, you’ll have to wipe it out first. Transfer content as outlined above. Boot up the PS4 Pro with your transferred content. Perform a full system backup to a USB HDD from the PS4 Pro. Swap out your Pro stock HDD and replace it with your SSHD. Wipe the SSHD on the Pro. Restore the USB backup onto the Pro. Put the stock PS4 Pro HDD into the old PS4.


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