Say it ain’t so, reviewers! We were all amped up to spray Sony with our money but is it even worth it? Maybe if we look hard enough we can find a reason to buy it anyway. If you already have the PS4 proper, these improvements aren’t convincing enough to upgrade. We can see people buying this one if they don’t already have a PS4. Other than that, there is really no reason to buy this new console unless you want to play exclusives.

ps4 pro
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PS4 Pro will only offer you exclusives and not the graphical leap you expect

Sony has completely lost us lately. People are furious with them as a company. For starters, most players cannot play games on their Original PS4 due to the system requiring them to have well over 50 GB of free storage to download small updates and games as low as 9 GB. You have to constantly delete most of your games. Having a slow internet makes it even more frustrating. We looked EVERYWHERE online and many other people have the same issue, but it is never addressed by Sony.

The present console is basically a brick. Then they misled so many people with over promoting No Man’s Sky. We didn’t have as much of an issue as most people, but Sony marketed this game as a full AAA title. We feel they did the devs a disservice because clearly they got caught in all the hype too and weren’t well versed in basic PR or clear communication. Then players have an issue with some games running smoothly.

Deus Ex MD runs like a slideshow on the PS4. We know the game is poorly optimized, but you’d think these current gen consoles could run these games better. But no, instead of making ANOTHER console to help with frame rate and stable gameplay, they just jump on 4K and still leave all the same issues that were never addressed on the previous PS4. They have amazing exclusives, but their new direction is worrying us.

If they completely abandon VR like they did with the move and PS Vita, players’ respect for them as a company will be gone. We think most players will just go with Nintendo and PC if the PS4 Pro doesn’t deliver.