If you are looking to buy a PlayStation you’ve got many choices – the PlayStation 4 (original), PlayStation 4 Pro and the slimmer version of PlayStation 4. Keeping in line with its tradition of releasing a slimmer version of PlayStation a couple of years after the initial release, Sony will soon release the new slimmer PS4 Pro. The slim versions aren’t very different when it comes to functionality, the only significant change you will notice is the physical appearance.

PS4 Pro

Should you buy the new slimmer PS4 Pro?

Sony is already gearing up for E3 in June, where it’s planning for a big exhibition on PS VR, PS4 and games. And it’s very likely that Sony will make use of the platform to not just showcase VR experience on PS consoles but also unveil PS4 Pro Slim. If you can recollect, the thinner version of the original PS4 is not only thin, but is power-efficient as well. According to Sony, the slimmer PS4 draws max up to 165W, which is a staggering improvement compared to the original PS4 which can draw max up to 250W, although it rarely does.

However, slim doesn’t always mean better. PS4 Slim lacks optical audio port and pretty much offers the same functionality as the original PS4. If there are no significant hardware changes compared to the original PS4, is it then really worth buying? Both original PS4 and the slimmer PS4 sports AMD Jaguar 8-core CPU and AMD Radeon 1.84 TFLOP GPU and both offer storage options of 500GB and 1TB. Will this trend of similar hardware continue with PS4 Pro and PS4 Pro Slim?

Slim version alone doesn’t attract consumers. Sony should consider offering value-add features – such as Dolby Atmos experience – that will make gamers want to buy the new PS4 Pro Slim. And yes, slimming always comes at a cost. However, no details are available at this point in time about what will be removed/replaced. It remains to be seen if fans will be excited about buying the slim version of PS4 Pro.


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