Multiple reports of PS4 Pro shipments being delayed due to production issues. It appears to be related to the ongoing heating problem in the console hardware. The news surfaced when several users reported of receiving messages from Amazon about delayed shipments of the PS4 Pro. It doesn’t appear to be a supply vs demand situation but Sony might try to spin it that way.

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Why are PS4 Pro shipments being delayed?

Originally it was rumored the brand new console had an over-heating problem and this recent news could mean that the rumors were true. Sony isn’t talking too much about the PS4 Pro realistically that all and this could be one of the reasons. This could mean the launch will be delayed or there will be limited consoles on launch day.

We have yet to hear anything about the PS4 Pro going gold but we keep hearing about overheating issues in the new console. Sony might be trying desperately to figure something out and the delay in shipping is evidence of that. Hopefully, they solve the problem soon because, after the Nintendo Switch, this is the most anticipated console of this year at least.

At the moment, if you have pre-ordered the console you should be getting emails from Amazon (or whatever site you pre-ordered on) regarding the delay. Also, if Sony doesn’t fix the problem completely this could be troublesome. Because most console players keep their consoles on all day 24/7, so this could affect them substantially. Hence, this is a potential hazard that Sony needs to address before launch day.

It appears Sony isn’t talking about this at all so they could be simply brushing it under the rug. Before this, PS3 had technical issues as well which mostly includes the yellow ring. Anyways, let us know your thoughts about the PS4 Pro in the comments.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    Got mine from Amazon yesterday and it does run hot to me. Too hot? I don’t know, but hotter than I expected.

  • Edward Turvey

    This is a smear campaign contrived by Crapgamer, an anti-Sony and pro Xbox corporate slave. Your site’s credibility is in question by citing him as a source.

  • Paul Savoie

    The Youtuber who’s video you used is an Xbox super fanboy and does videos attempting to turn people away from Sony Playstation. As the previous post stated, he never provides a link to any credible source(s). It also be noted, you’re the only site that has posted anything about this.

  • Gary Murden

    I can’t believe you are using a YouTube video, from a guy who has a history of lying and/or exaggerating things as a source, when he himself doesn’t reveal any source or proof about insider knowledge other than doing the whole “A friend of a friend told me” bit.

    Just look up his name on Google or bing and you will see a ton of people, PC, ps4 players and Xbox users all either calling him a liar and proving he is wrong.

    1316 Killer, a guy who does comedy YouTube videos, did some funny ones showing this guy as being deceitful or ignorant recently, including a response to this particular video.

    He might be right about this, but he probably won’t be.

  • Paul Savoie

    This could be disastrous for Sony. If theyes ship a bunch of consolestuff with overheating issues, they’ll be paying big money to fix them. If they have to delay, they could have customers thinking twice and waiting for Scorpio instead.