We all know the PS4 and PS4 Pro will not hit a stable 60 frames with games that put graphics over frames. The PS4 Pro isn’t built for that. Hitman is actually superior in every way than the PS4 version on the PS4 Pro. Digital Foundry also reported that developers have addressed performance issues they’ve brought up. Deus Ex, Watch Dogs 2 and Mantis Burn have all been fixed with updated patches.

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PS4 Pro won’t necessarily give you 4K and 60 fps at the same time

Most, if not all issues with performance in patched games are all patch related problems that can and will be fixed. No, you won’t get something like games running in 4K Native to run in higher frames. There’s a trade-off. The most you can hope for are native or 1800p upscaled games running on par with their unenhanced 1080p or lower versions. You either need to wait. Or build a console that costs more than 400$ to improve graphics and frames.

With Next gen systems (Project Scorpio and PS5), you will both have to pay more for and wait for the technology to come down in price. Nobody wants to buy a 600$ console. Well… some would. But Sony and Microsoft want to sell more systems to the masses and not just to guys like them.

Sony’s trying not to disenfranchise the 47 million PS 4 owners out there with a new gen system. We see the PS4 as a mid console refresh like a PS3 slim and the 360 S. It just so happens that they wanted the PS4 Pro to actually take advantage of 4k televisions with higher resolutions. Project Scorpio will feel like and be a mandatory upgrade for video game enthusiasts.

Source: Kotaku


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