There still is by all accounts heaps of disarray out there about what the PS4 Pro really does. That is to say, does it do “legitimate” 4K or does it simply upscale your games? The short, irritating answer is: it’s confounded.

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PS4 Pro Games Will Still Look Like 4K Even When They Are Actually Not

The more drawn out answer is that while a few games can keep running on the PS4 Pro in local 4K, they are and will keep on being an irregularity. Most games will have a local resolution that is some place in the district of 2K. So they will be upconverted to 4K. Be that as it may, this is what is important. The PS4 Pro’s upconversion enchantment is so sharp and propelled, it can be super difficult to differentiate amongst it and local 4K.

To put it plainly, games played on the PS4 Pro can resemble “legitimate” 4K notwithstanding when they’re most certainly not. In the event that you’ve ever played a PS4 game on a 4K TV, it’s been upscaled. Likewise, any DVDs or (non-4K) Blu-beams you’ve viewed, and TV footage from Sky or the Freeview tuner. In the event that it’s been shown on a 4K TV and didn’t begin life in 4K, it’s been upscaled to fill the resolution of the screen.

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In the cases above, it’s the TV doing the upscaling. It’s getting a photo including around 2 million pixels (or less). In addition, it extends it to fit its 4K screen by filling the 6 million extra pixels with what it supposes is gathered be in them.

Source: Star Post


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