It’s not down to Sony to force devs to remake their games for the PS4 Pro. It’s down to the devs. Sony never officially said anything about mandatory down sampling or anything like that. Even Digital Foundry was surprised at first when they realized that was happening. Look at Overwatch. First game to be PS4 Pro enabled but stuck at a 4K UI but 1080p gameplay. Which is what The Division is now.

ps4 pro
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Don’t expect all games to have improvements for the PS4 Pro

Most of the stories people have read about ‘mandatory upgrades’ to games, specifically on 1080p TVs, were from a leaked document that was never proved to be legit. Dishonored 2 utilizes both GPUs on the pro. This gives a stable framerate at a constant 1080p. It also gives a better performance than the 4K mode. Just like The Last Guardian. On 1080p, it’s a locked 30 most of the time. But on a 4K it jumps up and down and on a base, it is even worse than the 4K mode.

We all knew this console was an upgrade. Higher resolution and providing a better image on a 4K TV was its main reason. And what they discussed as their main point at the reveal in September. The extras we get at 1080 are good but not the primary benefit. As long as the games utilize the extra GPU to either look or run better, we fail to see the issue.

We’re not sticking up for them. Just annoyed with how many people are upset because it doesn’t match what they thought it was going to do based on false information that was floating around for a while.


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