The PS4 Pro is right now the world’s most intense console. Be that as it may, regardless of Sony promoting it as a 4K machine, it truly is not one. For most games, it is unequipped for rendering the picture in 4K locally. Rather, it resorts to a system known as checkerboard rendering. This is a truly smart upscaling procedure.

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PS4 Pro CPU/GPU Still A Bottleneck, 4K Checkerboard Technique Harder To Implement

Nonetheless, that absence of local 4K rendering will be the greatest “bottleneck” on the PS4 Pro. This is as indicated by Reinhard Pollice, Product Development Director at THQ Nordic. He is at present taking a shot at Battle Chasers: Nightwar. In an exclusive meeting with GamingBolt, Reinhard was asked what the greatest bottleneck on the PS4 Pro may be. He stated, “It’s still both, the CPU and the GPU. With the PS4 Pro’s GPU, we can’t offer local 4K rendering. This is anything but difficult to accomplish on great desktop GPUs these days.”

This absence of local 4K rendering is something that, as indicated by Pollice, will be perceptible even to the easygoing spectator. As indicated by him, the distinction is that the 4K rendered yield will look extremely fresh and smooth. Then again, the checkerboard procedure won’t look as sharp when specifically analyzed. This depends likewise on the quality and size of the screen/ TV, be that as it may. From an improvement point of view, the checkerboard procedure is somewhat harder to execute. This is on account of the fact that it is a custom usage. While a local 4k resolution is only a higher frame yield determination.

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