The PS4 Pro Boost Mode is performing minor performance boosts in a few games. Games like Assassin’s Creed Unity are at long last running in a playable state. For one, there’s a swathe of games that, at the season of composing, are antagonistically influenced by Sony’s PS4 Boost Mode execution.

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PS4 Pro Boost Mode Is Causing Some Games To Run Slower Than Before

It’s not out of the ordinary, as well. This is on the grounds that this mode is still in the beta frame. Besides, in that capacity, it will be powerless to work perfectly before Sony specialists can resolve the majority of its crimps in front of its official discharge in around two weeks.

For the starting at yet uninitiated, PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode is a component as of now accessible to beta clients of PS4 framework update 4.50. It uses the additional juice of the Pro to retroactively improve more seasoned PS4 games. After that. these games can run much better. It can do this without the requirement for a developer ordered fix.

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