Gaming Bolt as of late sat down and had a meeting with Battle Chasers Director and Vigil Games Co-Founder Ryan Stefanelli. Amid the meeting, the discussion turned towards PS4 Pro’s checkerboard 4K rendering.

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PS4 Pro 4K & Project Scorpio 4K Has Absolutely No Difference, Darksiders Creator

Sony’s PS4 Pro executes the checkerboard rendering strategy. Meanwhile, Microsoft stays resolute in their cases that the games on Xbox One Project Scorpio will keep running in local 4K. As per Stefanelli the distinction amongst checkerboard and local 4K won’t be huge. Here is the thing that he needed to say in regards to the matter.

“The distinction is that the 4K rendered yield will look extremely fresh and smooth. Meanwhile, the checkerboard procedure won’t look as sharp when specifically analyzed. However, this depends additionally on the quality and size of the screen/TV. From a development point of view, the checkerboard system is somewhat harder to actualize as it is a custom usage. While a local 4k resolution is only a higher frame yield resolution. In our circumstance Unity takes to think about it at any rate.”

At one point, he was asked some information about the impediments the console has as to game development. This is the thing that he needed to state.

“It’s still both the CPU and the GPU. With the PS4 Pro’s GPU we can’t offer local 4K rendering. This is anything but difficult to accomplish on great desktop GPUs these days.”

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