According to reports coming in, the PS4 Neo will be announced on September 7th at an event in New York. This was originally reported by a French website named Gameblog, but has since been corroborated by VICE Gaming. The PlayStation 4 Neo has long been rumoured, and was officially confirmed to exist during E3 2016. It is believed to be a more powerful version of the PS4, possibly capable of running games at 4K resolutions.

PlayStation 4

Despite the improved performance, it is understood that there will be no exclusive games for the PS4 Neo. It will be considered a part of the overall PlayStation 4 platform, and all games made for it will have to be compatible with the base model of the console that is available now. This upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 will go head-to-head with Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio”, a more powerful version of the Xbox One. Needless to say, both upcoming consoles will fight it out with the Nintendo NX, the upcoming console from Nintendo.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 fans have much to cheer for as this week marks the release of No Man’s Sky, the long-awaited space exploration game developed by indie studio Hello Games. The game releases on August 9th in North America and August 10th in Europe. Reviews for the game are expected to appear later tonight, although these reviews will not include the sizeable day-one patch that will be pushed to players when the game finally releases.

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