PS4 weekly news roundup includes news such as Prey’s Latest Patch causing Issues on the console, PS4 games availability on iPhone and Android, Tekken 7 Release and the much-awaited Need for Speed: Payback reveal on the console.

Let’s have a look at some hottest news from the past week and what we’ve been treated to from various game developers around the globe. Hopefully, this particular news roundup will help you with a brief tour to the past week’s news that you might’ve missed.

Prey’s Latest Patch Causing Issues on PS4

Prey developer Arkane Studios released a new Patch version 1.0.4 last week on PlayStation 4. The patch came in with a PS4 Pro support and various other new features. Digital Foundry wrote about the new patch that “After the new Patch 1.0.4, Prey looks much closer to the PC version of the game.” This is true to some extent but only when the game is played on the upgraded PS4 console.

Other than the upgraded PS4 consoles, all other’s are facing some serious issues after the new update patch version 1.0.4. These new issues on the PS4 include Screen tearing, stuttering, and it’s all happening because of the terrible frame pacing element. It seems that the development team has fully neglected the frame pacing and they were failed to foresee all this.

According to Digital Foundry after the Prey patch 1.0.4 was released;

“This is, without a doubt, the worst instance of irregular frame delivery we’ve encountered, giving the illusion of a much lower frame-rate.

In addition, as the game uses an adaptive v-sync solution, there is now a plethora of torn frames present in each and every scene along the top portion of the image. Taken as a whole, Prey no longer feels smooth to play.”

Based on what we’ve heard from several experts and the fans, these problems are fundamental because of the patch 1.0.4 attempts on improving the input latency. The input latency is a problem that the game is facing since it first launched on PS4. Arkane Studios previously tried to tackle this particular problem before with the update patch 1.0.2 in May 2017, but they seemed to have been failed in doing so.

In addition, the new patch notes for the update patch 1.0.4 also don’t include the input lag, instead, a note on the input drift (on PS4) is mentioned in the patch notes. As it isn’t something of a smaller nature, hopefully, it’ll be tackled by the developer in a very short time. Players will soon see a more stable version of the game.

PS4 Games Availability on Android and iPhone

PS4 games are soon to become available on both Android and iPhone for all those fans who want to enjoy the great title on the go or while working in an office.

According to The Sun, Sony has recently launched their first mobile game in Japan and it is speculated that this game will soon be available in other regions of the world including the US and the UK. This makes all the hardcore PlayStation games fans a step closer to getting their favorite games on their smartphones.

In addition, Sony is about to launch a new version of the popular game called Hot Shot Golf (Everybody Golf – In Asia) on both Android and iPhone. The game is online on PlayStation since the late 90’s and it is now going to be available on the Smartphones. A free version of the game will be available on Android and will be offered with the in-app Purchases for the higher levels of the game.

Tekken 7 Release on PS4

After a long time of waiting and rumors and speculations, the Tekken 7 finally released last week on PlayStation 4. Before the release on PS4, the game was available since 2014 in the Arcades only. It’s now fully available on the console and features new characters, customization options, new stages, and a lot of other new changes have been introduced in the game. Check out more about Tekken 7.

Need for Speed: Payback Reveal and Release Date

Another one of the biggest news of the past week is the reveal of the new Need for Speed series game named as Need for Speed: Payback. Payback was in works for about two years and now the developer has finally revealed the game. The game will debut on November 10, 2017 on all major platforms including the PlayStation 4. You can read more about Need for Speed release date and other details.


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