PS4 News from the past week includes Modern Warfare Remastered Release on PS4 without any Bundle offers, PES Demo Beta Release date confirmation on PS4, Rumors about RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) Cross-Play Support for PS4, and the Hitman first level availability on PS4 for free. All these news are some of the top trending ones from the past week. Let’s have a brief look at them.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Release On PS4 Without Any Bundles.

Modern Warfare Remastered is about to release on PS4 on June 27th, but the game will release without any bundles. According to the publisher Activision, they are going to use the classic Bait and Switch tactic just like they did in the past with Infinite Warfare. This will help them put Modern Warfare Remastered as a Standalone title on the 7th June 2017.

Upon the release, the game will be available on a Physical Disk and Digital download forms. The game will offer Single-player Multiplayer play and missions such as “All Ghillied Up, Charlie Don’t Surf, and Crew Expandable.”

It is also now confirmed by the developer that the game will include a full campaign and 16 multiplayer maps from both the original and remastered titles of the series. In addition, Full HD visuals and remastered audio will also be part of the game, Brian Raffel from Activision explains.

Furthermore, Activision is also going to celebrate the release of Modern Warfare Remastered on a special Call of Duty event called Days of Summer. The event will start on 27th June and will last for five weeks.

PES 2018 Demo Beta Release Date Confirmation For PS4

Another one of the trending news from the past week is the confirmation of the PES 2018 Demo Beta release on PS4. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 by PES Productions is one of the much-awaited title that finally is going to release the Demo version of its Beta on PS4 and other gaming platforms.

It’s the overall 17th major installment in the PES series and is scheduled to release next year. Konami, the publisher of the game has also announced that the game will release with a special “Barcelona Edition”. This was revealed by Konami in May 2017.

Pre-Order bonus content is also offered with digital downloads and the physical disk versions. The PES 2018 Demo Beta release date is also now officially confirmed by the developer. The Demo Beta of the game will offer a limited number of teams and game modes. The exact release date for the PES 2018 Demo Beta is yet to be announced by the developer. Based on several new reports, it is highly likely that the Beta testing for the PES 2018 will begin as early as July 2017 and will remain available until July 31st, 2017.

It is also now confirmed that the PES 2018 Demo Beta will offer Quickmatch and online Co-op modes. Check out more about PES 2018 Demo Beta here.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Cross-Play Support Rumors

Last week brought in loads of amazing news about gaming as well as some rumors were also echoed. One of the catchiest rumors was the Cross-Play Support for Rockstar’s groundbreaking Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4.

However, the RDR2 failed to make an appearance on the Big E3 event but some rumors about the game’s Cross-play feature surfaced. According to the new rumors, the game is going to support Cross-Platform Play. Because of no word from the game’s developer or the publisher, these rumors are still making rounds over the web.

Based on the previous reports, a cross-play functionality between the PS4 and Xbox One is still in its early stages. Many of the reports suggested that these rumors are true, but Sony is somehow not willing to support the idea of RDR2 cross-play feature.

It’s a speculation from the day the news about RDR cross-play surfaced for both PS4 and Xbox One. As the tech giant, Sony is still reportedly against the RDR2 Cross-play between the PS4 and Xbox One, it seems it will never ever be seen by the fans as well.

Since the game is delayed until 2018 and there is no release date confirmation, this news of Cross-play actually doesn’t have much weight either. Once the game is released, we’ll see what new features it brings to the plate. Check out more about RDR2 Cross-play here.

First Level Of New Hitman Is Now Free On PS4

Hitman is an Episodic Stealth video game by IO Interactive that is available to play on PS4 along with other gaming platforms. This sixth main entry in the Hitman series is a prequel to the very first game of the series Hitman: Codename 47. The developer released the port of Hitman on Linux in early February 2017 and now the IO Interactive has made the first level of Hitman free for everyone.

As part of this new offer, all the fans on PS4 can now enjoy the first level of Hitman for free. According to IO Interactive, the full first episode of the game is now confirmed to be available for free on PS4 and other major platforms. As this news is from the past week, so the first level/episode of Hitman became free for everyone a few days ago. The download for PlayStation 4 is available via the official game website. Know more about IO Interactive’s Hitman first free level here.


All the above-mentioned news are some of the last week’s top trending news. We’ve picked up some of the best and offered you a chance to re-read them if you’ve missed them all past week. Hopefully, this will definitely be a great deal for you. If you think we’ve missed something very important, do let us know via the comments below.


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