As usual, last week was a great one for the PS4 and all of its fans. Loads of exciting news surfaced about the PS4 console last week. We’ve collected some of the most significant news stories from the past week for you. If you’ve somehow missed the biggest breaks of Past week regarding PS4, here’s a brief follow-up for you.


PS4 news from the past week includes the release of PS4 Gold and PS4 Silver release, Stardew Valley Update Patch  1.20 release, Free games lineup for July 2017, and the debut of Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy on PS4. Let’s have a detailed look at all these stories from this past week.

PS4 Gold And Silver Versions Release

Last week the much-awaited two versions of the PS4 video game console were released by Sony. Sony released both of the console models with a limited time offer. So, they advised all the fans to grab the consoles on first come first serve basis. The new console units remained available on two of the most significant retailers such as Amazon, and GAME.

According to Sony, customers, and the retailers, this was one of the biggest updates the manufacturer has ever given to the console. The Gold and Silver PS4 units were previously leaked during the E3, but now they are a reality and are quite popular among the PS4 fans.

During the time Sony kept the markets filled up with both of these PS4 versions, the console units were available at a price of $324.62 each. However, reports now are suggesting that the PS4 Gold and Silver stock is finished at the described retailers and Sony hasn’t yet talked about when the next batch of Gold and Silver PS4 stock going to be available. Check out more info about the new PS4 Gold and Silver consoles here.

Stardew Valley Update Patch 1.20 Release

Stardew Valley is a remarkable Indie Farming Simulation and RPG video game by Sickhead Games. The game received a major update from the developer last week. As part of the latest Stardew Valley update patch 1.20, the fans can now enjoy the game in six new languages. The support for English, German, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Brazillian-Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese languages is now available in the game.

Along with the Language Support, the new update 1.20 offers the new Cursor Snap feature that is now available between the menu buttons by default. In addition, the new Stardew Valley Update Patch 1.20 adds uploads of Critical and non-critical bug fixes to the game. Lightening Shaders issue has also now resolved. The game now runs in Full Screen instead of the Windowed mode.

Various other improvements are also now part of the game and performance, and stability issues are also resolved. As part of the last week’s Stardew Valley Update Patch 1.20, the Startup preferences are no longer part of the game. In general, last week’s update patch 1.20 for Stardew Valley has improved the game and user experience. Know more about the Stardew Valley Update Patch 1.20 here.

Free Games Lineup for July 2017

As usual, Sony has revealed the free games lineup for the month of July 2017. Most of these games are playable directly on PS4. However, some of the games are also playable on other Sony PlayStation consoles and devices. Here we’ll discuss the ones that are now available to play for free on PS4.

Sony didn’t do much on the mega E3 event. So, fans were expecting that the next free games lineup will also not feature titles worth spending time on. However, Sony did stun all of its fans with a great free games lineup for the month of July 2017.

This free games lineup was revealed by Sony last week, let’s have a look at what amazing titles are now available on PS4 via the Free games lineup.

Big titles such as Until Dawn, Game of Thrones, and Don’t Die Mr. Robot are now available for free on PS4. However, Don’t Die Mr. Robot also supports the cross-buy feature. This particular game is also available to play on PS Vita. All other titles are playable on PS3 and PS Vita.

A total of Six games were released by Sony last week as part of the July Free Games lineup. Six more games are expected to hit the consoles next month.

Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

Last but not the least big news from the past week was the release of Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy on PS4. The game became available to play on the PS4 console last week, but what’s the release date for Xbox One, nobody seems to know about it.

It is rumored that it’ll release on Xbox One on December 8. This remarkable game is currently listed as a PS4 Exclusive so it’ll remain available for all the PS4 fans for a very long time.

The Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy consists of the Re-mastered versions of all three games in the series. The Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strike, and Warped are available in this compact pack as e-mastered versions that are packed with beautifully improved visuals, and several gameplay tweaks.

The Checkpoint System, Pause menu and Save system is also improved. Fans can also now be able to enjoy the Pause menu and Save system at it’s best. Hopefully, all the fans will be playing the game by now. So, if you haven’t yet got your Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy version until now, you can still get it from the designated stores.


All the above-mentioned news stories were some of the best from Past week. However, if you think we’ve missed out on anything else, do let us know.


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