The Last of Us 2 isn’t nearly even given a release date on PS4 but all the latest information about the game is creating a massive hype among the players.

Naughty Dog has recently shared new information on The Last of Us 2 while a Westworld Actress joins the game’s voice cast.

Shannon Woodward, Who plays the role of Elise in Westworld, tweeted about the being cast for the game’s voice acting. She stated in her tweet that

“I am embarrassingly over-excited here because I’m peaking. @Neil_Druckmann is letting me act in The Last Of Us: Part II .”

Woodward further appeared wearing a motion capture suit at the time of her tweet. However, woodward’s character in the game is yet to be revealed. In reality, this is an exciting news for all the hardcore fans of The Last of Us.  Fans now know there is another character going to be introduced in the game, This new information is announced just ahead of the Last of Us 2 release date reveal that is expected at the E3. Check out Shannon Woodward’s tweet.

In addition, you’ll be delighted to know that Woodward isn’t the only one that connects Last of Us to Westworld. Westworld’s lead writer Halley Gross is also reportedly joining Naughty Dog to make her additions to the game’s script.

This sequel to the original Last of Us title takes place five years into the future from the previous game. Ellie and Joel are once again starring in the game. Players will be controlling the character of Ellie most of the times in the game.

Based on what we have about the game’s release dates so far, fans should expect the game to be releasing at some time in 2018, in the time of Christmas maybe. The game is directed by Neil Druckmann instead of Bruce Starley, the co-director of the original Last of Us.


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