The full changelog for PS4 Firmware v4.50 has been spilled. It reveals more insights about the up and coming firmware upgrade. The changelog reveals that a USB 3.0 HDD must be utilized to make utilization of the outer HDD feature presented in this firmware overhaul. Different changes incorporate posting of enlivened GIFs. There are moreover changes to the Notification framework. So all warnings show up in a single rundown. Likewise, there are changes such that making a sub-account is much less demanding.

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Full PS4 Firmware v4.50 Changelog Revealed

You can now utilize a USB saving gadget to install applications. Moreover, you can utilize this to move applications from your PS4’s framework save space. Select (Settings) > [Devices] > [USB Storage Devices]. At that point select the associated USB saving gadget and afterward arrange it for use as external HDD.

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The quick menu is presently more easy to understand. Making, joining and other party components are much less demanding to get to. You can now present screenshots specifically on stuff you do. For example, like those appeared in [What’s New]. Press the SHARE button. Select [Screenshots] and after that select [Activities] as the transfer goal. Additionally, you can now label games and kindred players.

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