One of the amazing declarations that Sony has made not long ago is the capacity to utilize an outer hard drive on the PS4. You can utilize it as a capacity for applications and games in the up and coming PS4 4.50 firmware. Different platforms like Xbox One have effectively done this before. Moreover, there’s still one disadvantage to this recently declared element. You can just utilize one hard drive at once.

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PS4 4.50 Firmware Is Limited to 1 External HDD Only

After checking whether we can utilize our other hard drive, we were disheartened to see that we were just constrained to utilize only one hard drive. Yes, it’s a decent thing to have the capacity to at long last utilize an outside hard drive as a contrasting option to growing the capacity. However, we were trusting it would resemble the Xbox One where we could utilize more than one hard drive. The more the better right?

That being stated, the components presented in the PS4 4.50 firmware are still in beta. Ideally, when the official firmware discharges in a couple of months/weeks, it will present more components. In addition, it may expel the constraint of having the capacity to just utilize 1 hard drive at once. Also, there’s a bug that detaches your outer hard drive after turning on the PS4 from Rest Mode. This will give you the way toward repairing the hard drive since you didn’t separate the hard drive appropriately when you put your PS4 in rest mode.

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