A few days ago, YouTube suffered another attack from the hacker group OurMine. While the main aim is to expose YouTube’s weak security protocol, some users did find the intrusion rather annoying.

Youtube channels hacked by OurMine

According to Digital Music News, this is not the first time OurMine hacked YouTube accounts. On April 1, the group managed to infiltrate a YouTube network ran by Omnia Media. At the time, the group changed the titles and descriptions of videos of more than 300 channels. This time around, OurMine changed the titles of the target videos with the hashtag #OurMine followed by a video link to their own YouTube channel.

While the intention of the group is quite far from nefarious, it is still a bit of a pain to some users as they now have to undo the damages. That is why, from here on, it is quite important to have a certain level of caution in order to protect oneself from an attack like this.

Update your passwords

Perhaps one of the basic things that one can do as a protection from hacks is the password. Users are urged to select strong passwords when it comes to social media. When choosing a password, avoid sequential numbers like “12345” and common words like “admin” or “passw0rd”. These are quite easy to break or crack. Make sure you combine capital and small letters together and thrown in a few numbers and symbols for good measure. Always remember that complexity beats length all the time.

Routinely keep a backup

Make it a habit to backup your YouTube channel. For the recent breach, YouTube has already rectified the issue and generated restore points for affected users. Unfortunately, this will mean that you may lose some comments and views on some of your contents. This is why it is important to do regular backups in case your account is compromised.

Diversify you media storage

Do not just rely on YouTube to keep your digital media safe. Cloud-based storage solutions can help you out when your main account is breached. Since you media is already on the Internet, it will take no time at all to link them back to your channel in case some black hat hackers deleted your data.

Consult third-party security providers

Consulting third-party security providers can prove to be beneficial at times. They can pinpoint vulnerabilities on your account and plan an action to rectify them. Also, for bigger accounts, it is best to coordinate with your MCN or Youtube itself to make sure your account is safe.


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