The new Xbox Scorpio is rising up as one of the most powerful and reliable consoles ever created. Every day, new information is coming out about the Scorpio and it sheds light on what the developers actually think about it. Scorpio is no doubt a powerful machine that leaves Xbox One far behind in the race.

In Microsoft’s views, Scorpio is just an extension to the Xbox One and it belongs to the same family of machines. That’s why they mainly insist on keeping Scorpio under the Xbox One flag. This actually strengthens Microsoft’s claims of all of its games to be compatible with both of the consoles. On the other hand, it limits all the developers of utilizing the actual power of the Scorpio.

Danny Garfield from Kasedo Games portrays it nicely in his words. Garfield is currently working of The Metronomicon. He recently appeared in an interview with GamingBolt and he said that

“I think id does curtain some ability to take full advantage of all the new tech.

Unavoidably, a great many devs will always aim to make their game cross-compatible in the easiest ways. The AAA guys, and plenty of others will be more aggressive, and try to stand out from the pack on tech more. But, by and large, we’ll always have to support the original Xbox, which, for many, will mean an easiest road.”

One thing that will allow all the developers to take full advantage of Scorpio’s power is if Microsoft allows them to make Xbox Scorpio Exclusives. This way the developers will be able to leverage all of Xbox Scorpio’s power. Microsoft seems to have no plans for that yet. But in future, if they allow the developers to make the exclusives. It’ll be a rewarding experience for Microsoft, users of Scorpio, and the game developers.

There is an Xbox Scorpio big reveal coming in on the E3 gaming Expo. Hopefully, that will bring some good news about it all.

Source: GamingBolt

  • Schroeder

    Nah. No offense to the dev being quoted here but his experience doesn’t seem to sit well with credibility and his statements are easily discredited. His game is simple and doesn’t take advantage of high end hardware, so he also doesn’t seem to be coming from the AAA crowd or aggressive tech devs so his comments need to be taken with a grain of salt. PC devs have been dancing around making games for various hardware sets for decades – hasn’t slowed them down. All you have to do is build a scaling tool for your game and tell it to add or remove grahpical, physics-based or AI elements from the game based on the hardware it’s running on. Your game can still utilize the potential of the Scorpio box, you just have to build it with flexibility for your player parameters (which Xbox are they running on?). End of story.