The Project Scorpio is propelling in the not so distant future. It accompanies a 6TFLOPS GPU. Moreover, the framework is slated to be the most capable console ever constructed. Microsoft is plainly counting on the Project Scorpio to be a winner. In any case, Wedbush Securities expert Michael Pachter imagines that the machine is overengineered. He also says that it is too overpowered for gamers these days.

project scorpio vr
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Michael Pachter gives his considerations on Project Scorpio

‘I’ll wait and see what Scorpio is and what it’s priced,’ he said in an interview with The 1099. ‘But from what I’ve read, it’s probably over engineered. I’ll believe it will run a game at full 4K… except, do we really need that? And I get the PS4 Pro is weaker, but there’s a lot of room between 1080p and 4K. 1080p is 2 million pixels, 4K is 8 million pixels. My understanding is that Oculus runs at 2.6 million pixels, so Oculus isn’t even 4K. So when they say Scorpio will be 4K, if Oculus with a $1500 PC can’t be 4K, do you really believe Scorpio, at $400-$500 can be 4K? I don’t know, I want to wait and see. So it sounds great, and everyone is excited, but… who has a 4KTV?’

We can kind of see his point. Be that as it may, we additionally think similar contentions apply to the PS4 Pro also. On the off chance that the PS4 Pro could eventually get itself a market, the Scorpio will, as well. The main question now is if the Scorpio will really have the capacity to change Xbox’s fortunes like Microsoft are obviously seeking after it to.

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  • Billy

    I think Project Scorpio is meant to run games today and tomorrow, as for over powered nope not really such a think just price, cost to power comparison. Xbox always keeps power in reserve and I don’t believe this will be any different, I think the system built will run faster that 6tf 320gb/s or at least after they open it up more. PC and console architecture is different and you need less to achieve res on console than PC. Now as to Oculus VR uses a lot of info because of it using 2 screens almost independent (the images are not exactly the same) so that your eyes see the images eye by eye. and not as a TV screen. Only one company I know of is trying to get 4k VR working and it cost a lot and uses a lot more computing power. So I don’t see Xbox or Scorpio trying for 4K VR. So I think you have a few things mixed up.