Apparently, the greatest offering point for the Project Scorpio so far is its enormous GPU. Moreover, at 6TFLOPs of computational power, it makes Project Scorpio the most effective console ever constructed. Be that as it may, simply hard numbers wouldn’t be sufficient here. As indicated by Ikrima Elhassan of Kite and Lightning, the designer of the forthcoming VR game Bebylon Battle Royale, what amount of graphical upgrades Project Scorpio really displays will rely on upon exactly how engineers designate assets.

project scorpio vr
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Bebylon Battle Royale designer discusses resource allocation on the Project Scorpio

“As a graphics engineer in a previous life, this is like asking, “How long is a piece of string?” It really depends on what the developer wants to allocate the resources towards. It can range from going to 60 fps, rendering at 1080p, antialiasing, to dynamic GI, and so on,” Elhassan said to GamingBolt.

This sounds about right. From one perspective, engineers may utilize all that power towards rendering games in 4K locally. Then again, they may choose to stick to lower resolutions, yet render more complex graphical images. We envision the enhancements the Scorpio games get will shift on a game by game premise. This is something that Microsoft themselves will encourage as well.

Source: Gaming Bolt

  • Billy

    I really don’t like this author half the time he doesn’t get it and the other he is wrong, yes very seldom he gets something right. Ever Game Dev can pick what res their games run at when they dev them, no console in their right mind would say make it at this res or we will not put it on our system, because that would be crazy. So get how a game set up when they do the res depends on how they use the hardware of the console if the game is big or needs a lot of load time they may drop the res down to allow for less load time or less lag but it has always been the game devs who decide what res their games run, in fact even first party games paid for by the console will not always push the system to the highest res. So just like ever other console game devs that make games for Project Scorpio will pic the res just because you can run 4K don’t mean you will because the rendering takes longer the higher the res so development takes longer. I almost wish I knew more about this author he sound like he is against consoles because he knows nothing about them or he knows nothing about gaming.