YouTube’s “Grizwords” has shared a video. It features six minutes of gameplay film from the latest build of Project CARS 2. This video exhibits the game’s present visuals, its sound upgrades, and in addition its dynamic climate framework. Project CARS 2 is at present being made ready for a late 2017 discharge. Besides, the game will bolster VR and 12K resolutions on the PC.

Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 Gets 6 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage Showing Dynamic Weather In 60 FPS

Rain can now totally immerse a circuit, flooding the least purposes of height. Mud can be dragged back onto the track by wayward autos and after that made dry as the sun turns out. A surprising tailwind can include an additional 5mph as you dive into a barrette. What’s more, with the new “season” alternative, each and every circuit in the game can be covered under a cover of snow.

The designer is likewise hoovering up genuine motorsport licenses to change up the vocation mode. The US-based Indycar is the first to be declared. Given this is one of only a handful couple of racers out there that could populate an entire 33-auto Indy 500 field on current consoles, that is maybe more energizing than it at first sounds.

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Source: Top Gear


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