Prison Break season 5 is currently scheduled to air in April 2017, and fans of the critically acclaimed series have been eagerly waiting for it to arrive. At the end of season 4, it was revealed that Michael Scofield met his demise. However, a few months ago, the official trailer of the fifth season revealed that Wentworth Miller is going to return with his character.

While fans wait for the next season to arrive, creator Paul T. Scheuring has been teasing it fans on twitter regarding what they can expect to see in the next season of Prison Break. What the creator is teasing is kind of confusing as he just hinted that Lincoln might die in the next season. Along with this, he further claimed that Michael will return, but he will not be himself.

Prison Break Season 5

In Prison Break season 5, Lincoln will help Michael escape from a prison in Yemen with the help of his friends. However, it seems that the rescue team might die during the process. On twitter, Scheuring told Prison Break fans to read a 2500 years old book, Odyssey to learn clues about what will happen in the next season. If the book is to be considered, then Lincoln and the rest of the team who will save Michael will die.

Lincoln To Die In Prison Break Season 5? 

It is currently rumored that Lincoln Burrows might be one of the main cast who will die for Michael. The creator even kind of backed off this statement when he tweeted regarding this. Although Scheuring didn’t directly confirm that Lincoln will die in Prison Break season 5, but he left fans with a question, which was “But what if Linc does die?.” Right after he tweeted this, many fans started believing that Lincoln will die in the next season of Prison Break.

Michael Will Not Be The Same Person In Prison Break Season 5? 

Along with this, the creator further claimed that Michael will not be the same person as he was before. When told by a fan to not hurt Michael, the creator claimed that he is dead and he can’t get hurt, but the person who Wentworth Miller is going to play as might get hurt. This suggests that fans should prepare themselves to see some big surprises in Prison Break season 5.

Prison Break Season 5 Release Date 

Prison Break season 5 is currently scheduled to air on April 4, 2017. It is a continuation of the Prison Break series, which aired from 2005 to 2009. Let us know if you’re excited about it or not in the comments below.


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