“Prison Break” Season 5 Episode 1 started off with one of the most ludicrous plots with the old characters trying to save the grace. Unfortunately, they did not succeed in bringing back the original class for which fans initially loved the series. Check out more!

The first 20 minutes of “Prison Break” Season 5 Episode 1 started off with the familiar face of Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell). A group of high-tech terrorists take him as a hostage and try to monitor his car through remote control. Unable to do so they just drive it off the road and into the lake in the vicinity, reports Digital Spy.

‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Episode 1-The Most Ludicrous Sequence

The series is known for showing some of the most unbelievable and absurd sequences. However, the one that was displayed in the last episode tops it all. In the scene, Lincoln is straight away thrown from the car through the windshield. However, he manages to emerge out of the whole incidence unscathed.

Prison Break Season 5

Elsewhere, Sara, the wife of Lincoln’s dead brother Michael Scofield has moved on and married someone else, reports Metro. Lincoln himself is on the wrong side of the law whereas T-Bag is now a free man. But the peace does not remain for long as “Prison Break” Season 5 Episode 1 reveals that Michael is still alive somewhere in the Yemen jail.

Old Faces Are Back Together

So now with Michael back on the scene, the old faces will have to come together. T-Bag will indeed get into action, of course in his most charismatic and hilarious way as he is the first person with whom Michael made the contact. So, the question is whether Michael just reached to T-Bag in “Prison Break” Season 5 Episode 1 hoping to get some help from him or does he want the former to relate the news to Lincoln?

With all the absurdity, it was good to see the old characters back together. Since “Prison Break” Season 5 has the approval of only nine episodes, creator Paul Scheuring will have to be very careful about the story telling.

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