Prisma is one of those apps that become popular very, very quickly after their launch. Surely there are a lot of apps that let you apply various filters and effects to your photos. But none of them offer the filters that Prisma does. This crazy new app turns your casual images into pieces of art.

Prisma for Android gives you modern art filters and stunning photo effects that make the photos look like they have been painted by a passionate artist. The styles of famous artists like Picasso and Munk are used in the effects. Also, famous patterns and ornaments are used for providing unique looks to your images. Prisma works with artificial intelligence and neural networks combined to give the unique look.


If you haven’t used Prisma yet, you should download it right now. It’s free and is currently on version 1.1. The latest Prisma 1.1 (11) APK download file weighs only 7.23 MB and can be installed on all devices running Android 4.1 or later. There are no visual changes in the latest update, but the app is faster and smoother now.

To download Prisma APK latest version for Android, visit


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