Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship seems to be going strong. The duo was spotted in London recently when they were heading to watch the critically-acclaimed play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at The Gielgud Theater. But all’s not well the royal family. Amidst rumors about the imminent divorce of Kate Middleton and Prince William, a new report claims that Prince William has confessed to cheating.

image source: ibtimes
image source: ibtimes

There have also been reports about Kate and William living separately. The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly miffed at Prince William’s alleged cheating. And it looks like Queen Elizabeth is involved in royal couple’s tiff. It looks like the Queen is intentionally giving royal commitments to the couple to keep them away from each other. And this probably led to Prince William finding love somewhere else. There are also reports that hint at the Queen pushing for Kate and Prince’s divorce.

Of late, Kate Middleton has been neglected by the Queen. Prince Harry’s American girlfriend Meghan Markle has caught her attention for her humanitarian work. It looks like the Queen is spending more time with Meghan Markle than with the Duchess of Cambridge. This has sparked off feelings of insecurities in Kate. Relationship problems with the Queen and her husband’s rude behavior likely resulted in her miscarriage. It was reported that Kate Middleton was pregnant with twins but had a miscarriage, owing to stressful relationships. She recently canceled a royal appointment and is reportedly in depression.

Although the couple has been attending functions together, it only looks like they are doing so because they are bound by royal duties. The spark between them has ceased to exist. Given all the rumors about their troubled relationships, the royal couple may soon file for divorce.


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