Prey is a brand new First-person Action-Adventure video game by Bethesda Studios. The game is basically a remake of the 2006’s classic FPS title by the Human Head Studios. However, the new remake is a lot different from its predecessor and it features a Horror-Survival type of gameplay instead.

The game is mainly set in an Open world environment on a Space station named as Talos-1. The story of the game takes place in an advanced world in the near future where the humans have reached out to the origins of an Alien species which isn’t the friendly one. In a struggle to study the Alien life from and to harness its abilities, things get out of hand and the aliens started to annihilate the earth. As the main character, it’s now up to you to save the earth.

No doubt, the game’s story, gameplay, and mechanics are wonderful, but the game has a number of critical issues on PC. Despite Arkane Studio’s assurances that the PC version of the game will not face difficulties as Dishonored 2 did, The PC version does have some technical errors such as the random crashing, FOV issues, Freezing, and more. All these issues started out just after the game was released. Players started the game and faced the issues and instantly reported them to the developers.

According to fans, they are facing random crashing issues along with the inability to change the FOV, and D3D11 errors specifically on Windows 7. If you’re one keen fan of the newly landed game and you are facing any of these technical issues, you should totally check out the following fixes. Hopefully, you’ll have your issues resolved in a very little time with the guide below.

The Lag and Shutter Fix

If you are facing unwanted Lag in the game and you’ve problems fixing the Shutter, all you got to do is to start the windows Task Manager. While running the game, in Task Manager, find the executable of Prey.exe. Once you are able to find it, set the CPU priority to High. This will help you reduce the CPU usage to approx 50 percent. It’ll definitely help resolve this particular issue.

The Random Crash Fix – 1

You’ll be facing the Random Crash issues just after the game loads up. This sometimes leaves you stuck at the loading screen and it seems that the game will not load up ever. Well, if you’re facing this simple problem, you can simply resolve it by fixing up your system’s Virtual memory. You can fix it by adjusting the Virtual memory to a just a little bit more than what game recommend you. All you have to do is to go to your System Settings, select advanced settings and change the default paging file size to your desired one.

The Random Crash Fix – 2

Another easy way to fix this issue is to verify your steam game cache. You should do it often as the crash mostly happens because of any corrupt game save. To fix the issue, load the game from a recent save or go to the start of the mission. This will most probably resolve the issue. If the problem still persists, turn off the Anti-Aliasing option in game’s graphics settings. Don’t forget to level down a bit the game’s level of details as well. This will offer an extra edge.

In-game Freezing Fix

For all those who have been facing the random freezes in the game, you can try any of these fixes. Updating the Graphics driver is necessary and keep it on the latest version. If in case, it doesn’t work out well, roll back the graphics drivers to an earlier stage. This will resolve the issue probably. But, if it still persists, you can try anyone of the following methods.

  • Disable the Tripple Buffering option
  • Turn off the V-Sync
  • Take the FPS all the way to 120
  • Run the game in windowed mode

The Infinite Loading Fix

The Infinite Loading error is the one that mostly happens at the startup. But, fixing this particular issue is quite simple. For all those who are using the RTSS or the Crimson for higher frame rates. You should know that these two are the actual reason you are facing the Infinite Loading issues. You can improve the loading time by unlocking the frame rates. A better way to cater with this issue will be to use the in-game frame rate caps. This way you’ll manage to not see the infinite loading screen at all.

The Change of FOV via the Config File

If you are for some reason locked out of changing the FOV, you can always do it be a little bit tweaks to the game’s Config.ini file. To find the game’s Config.ini file, go to the game’s root folder in the save games folder. Follow the path that looks familiar to i.e. C:\Users\Your Username\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\Prey. Once you are in the directory, find and open the Config.ini file and search for cl_hfov=85.5656. You can replace this value to up to 120.

Unable to Install Prey Fix

If you are unable to install Prey on your system, you can simply do that by moving your desired install folder. But, first, close your Steam Client. Once the Steam Client is fully excited, you should browse the Steam Install folder and look for the installation that you want to move. In most cases, you’ll find it in C:\Program Files\Steam. Now all you have to do is to delete all the files and folders but leave the SteamApps and User Data folder and Steam.exe untouched.

Now you must Copy and Paste the entire Steam folder to a new location. Once done, log back into your Steam account and after logging in verify your new game cache files for all the games that are already installed. This will definitely fix the issue and you’ll now be able to install Prey on your computer.

Mouse Glitches and Fix

A recently discovered glitch in the game never lets the mouse pointer/cursor disappear. This is annoying for some players. So, if you think it’s an issue and it should be resolved, then you just have to change your screen resolution. This will help make the mouse cursor vanish.

Missing Audio Fix

For some unknown reasons, while playing the game changing the graphics settings results in the mission of audio completely. If you’re facing this problem, you can fix it by simply hitting the Alt+Tab twice. This will bring back the audio.


These are some of the most common issues, errors, and glitches with the Prey. If you’re facing any of these issues, you can now fix them. If you see more that are not in the list above, do let us know about them via the comments. We’ll be happy to help you with that.


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